July 24 2013

How are you changing the rules?

Map of our case studies

We want to hear from you if you're changing the rules of your game and making your sport – or wherever you play your sport – more sustainable.

It’s really simple to get involved. Just  download our case study template, fill it in and email it back to us at and we’ll do the rest. From now on we’re going to publish your stories on our website as case studies and add you to our map. So we want to hear about everything from the big things – like installing solar panels or fitting green technologies to existing buildings – to the smaller things that add up. Things like car sharing, organising group transport, eating lower impact protein and switching to local suppliers.

Deadlines for submitting a case study for 2013 are:

Deadline                                  For publication by

7 August                                   28 August

9 October                                  30 October

11 December                             3 January 2014

Everything you need to know should be covered in the case study template,  which you can download here.

Please tell us as much as possible about what you’re doing. All case studies will be edited before they’re published – so it's better to write too much, rather than too little.

Remember to include any images or other attachments. And if you have any questions,  please email us at the same address.