October 17 2012

Gary Talks at World Green Building Week

Gary Talks at World Green Building Week

On Thursday 25th September Gary talked about his passion for sustainability at an event held as part of World Green Building Week.

Hosted by GVA at Piccadilly Place in Manchester and attended by over 80 people, Gary charted his journey to a more sustainable lifestyle in a conversation with the UK Green Building Council’s Chief Executive Paul King.
He began by talking about how his experiences of building his own houses during his early 20s had made him aware of the need to move to more sustainable construction practices.  The most high profile of his houses – the proposed ‘flower petal’ house – caused considerable controversy with the local community and Gary discussed how he reacted to opposition to the proposed wind turbine. He highlighted the critical role engagement with others has to play in helping people understand the reasoning behind sustainable decisions – and that this engagement itself can help change people’s mindsets.
With various business interests in construction and property, Gary talked about his experiences as client, contractor and operator, saying that his ultimate goal is to keep increasing his knowledge on sustainable building issues.
Gary also discussed the wider process of getting more people interested in sustainability through his profile as a former footballer – emphasising the impact football has had on making a range of social issues more mainstream. He suggested that sustainability should be the next social issue sportspeople could bring to the fore and praised the focus of a sustainable legacy for London 2012.
He also stressed the need for the Government to hold firm to its stated green principles.

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