January 2 2012

My View of Environmental Sustainability

by Gary Neville
Gary Neville

For some, it was seeing the Al Gore film 'An Inconvenient Truth' and realising the potential consequences of lifestyle choices, irrespective of whether you absolutely believed in the science.
For others, it may be the continual rise in the cost of living which is often attributed back to the continual increases to the costs of energy.

And for some, it is the realisation that it is naive to believe that the continual consumption of product, without care or consideration for the environment, cannot be a long term lifestyle without consequence.

My position is born probably from a combination of all of these, but with an overriding sense of personal responsibility and the need to contribute positively. I am not, by nature, a passive person who will stand by as things unfold. As people have seen over the years, by definition, if I feel strongly about something I am driven to contribute, in whatever way I can. It's what has helped me in football and it's a value that I take into every facet of my life.
The issue of sustainability is clearly complex and evolving. Sure, there are absolutes - such as our need to reduce dependence upon fossil fuels -but this is set against a background of 'good' being difficult to define. Whatever the 'green' technology might be, it does strike me that for every voice extolling its virtues, there is usually one offering a different view point.
From my perspective, I see sustainability as a journey for me, during which I will adapt and develop my lifestyle to minimise impact and maximise benefit to the community I live within. It's not a statement seeking approval of others and I don't expect everybody to agree with the choices I make. I am just trying to do my bit as positively as I can, just as I did when I played football.
The creation of Sustainability in Sport marks the achievement of a personal ambition of mine, which I have held for some time now and at last have had the opportunity to act upon. I believe that the issues we will tackle and the benefits we will deliver will be felt by all and I really hope to generate as much support as I possibly can.
I will use this page to make regular updates on progress and respond to any issues raised, so please feel free to correspond with me and share your views, aspirations and of course any concerns.

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