February 3 2012

Bringing eco and sport together

by Dale Vince
Dale Vince

Dale Vince

To me, the need to live sustainably is axiomatic.
After all, it's simply common sense that if we live in a way whereby we consume things at a rate faster than they can be replenished, then things will run out. And that’s the world we’re heading for, one where things are running out. We can see that coming now, fossil fuels, metals, water – all are on the endangered list, and with it life as we know it.
But it's not all doom and gloom.

Living sustainably is it's own reward. It’s about valuing things more and using them more wisely. It's good for the soul. And it's not about giving stuff up, just living differently.
And as Gary says elsewhere on this site it’s a journey, it’s not something that has to be achieved overnight.
I've been pursuing this for a long time now (most of my life) and it’s something I'm passionate about. But I make pragmatic decisions - I compromise. I’m as green as I reasonably can be.
This journey, to greater Sustainability, is one that more of us need to begin.

And that's where Sustainability In Sport comes in.
The world of sport is a new frontier. Sports fans are a huge and passionate audience, virtually untouched by the eco message. We're going to change that.
Our mission, as it says on the tin, is to bring Sustainability Into Sport. And get a whole new bunch of people starting the journey to more sustainable living.
I hope you'll join us, if you've not already.

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