Kirkcaldy Squash Club

About us

Kirkcaldy Squash Club was built in 1972 as part of Kirkcaldy Sports Club, which folded in 1984. The playing fields were built over in 2009 leaving the Squash Club as the last surviving part. At that time we only had about 25 members and our facilities were in an extremely poor state of disrepair.

By 2012 we re-emerged as a registered sports charity, had secured the building for the future in all important ways (gained ownership, bought a new roof) and increased our membership to 100 keen squash players.

Our building

These days we have an extra insulated roof, PIR sensors (automated lighting) and cavity wall insulation. And we plan all of our improvements with advice from the Energy Saving Trust and a local energy awareness group called Greener Kirkcaldy.

These cost saving improvements have added beneficial effects too. The club building is more welcoming, safer and condensation free.

Our green agenda

  • We buy our energy from a green energy supplier and are looking at installing solar panels this spreads the feel good factor amongst our members who share the same values as us.
  • We've made good use of our local Freegle network to source materials – such as a more efficient boiler – and to dispose of old stuff too. Such trade-ins have even led to several new contacts and memberships, which goes to show that it pays to keep an eye out for opportunities to recycle.
  • One member approached Fife Council, who were demolishing a sports centre, to see if we could salvage the lovely Junkers wood squash court flooring. A solution to the problem of uninsured workmen to do the job was soon found when Graham Construction volunteered their skills to carefully remove the floor. Our members hired a truck, brought the floor to us and installed it. Reusing the floor not only reduced the amount of waste going to landfill (or recycling), it also saved us lots of money – we later found out that a new floor would have cost us around £6,000 :-)
  • We sourced 50 tonnes of topsoil for our gardens, kindly delivered by Realm Construction Limited, who were preparing ground for a new church.

The Club feels like a real winner to save money in such eco-friendly ways.


Our future

We’re going to increase our capacity, connectedness and capital, with a continuing commitment to sustainably growing the club – and one day we’ll produce some champions too!

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