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Bringing sustainability to the world of sport

We’re here to change the rules of the game, all games – by putting Sustainability into the heart of Sport. That’s our reason for being.

This Foundation - Sustainability In Sport, was co-founded by Gary Neville and Dale Vince, in 2012.


We believe sport as an industry must not only grasp the green agenda, but should be leading it.

Gary Neville


It all began in early 2011 as Gary was contemplating his forthcoming testimonial match, which would see his club Manchester United playing Juventus. He was keen to give the game some real green credentials. A conversation ensued with Dale and the idea of making this testimonial a wind powered game, was born. 

In May that year, to a packed house and beamed live around the world, legendary football clubs Manchester United and Juventus played a fully wind powered game. That was the beginning.
Gary subsequently invited Dale to co-found Sustainability In Sport with him, to take the eco message to the whole world of sport.  And so it came to be.

Through this website we hope to create a community of interest, a place for people to share ideas and examples, best practice where it already exists, and blueprints for that where it doesn't. 

We hope to make this a place to both give and gain inspiration, knowledge and support.

These are the things we’re doing to promote Sustainability to the world of sport

  • seeking to establish eco-standards for all activities relating to the operation of sports clubs.
  • using the power of sport to spread information about environmental issues and the need for sustainability to the widest possible audience.
  • sharing knowledge, information and learning - to promote sustainability in sport.
  • showcasing examples and promoting best eco practice.
  • engaging with governing bodies and clubs at all levels.
  • working with technology providers to develop and demonstrate technology that will improve the sustainability of sport.


What we're up to, including news, events and sustainability ideas from our blog.

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